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When an artist’s inner feelings are outwardly expressed, true art is born. A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.


Forest shrouded in the mist and silver birches glowing in the moonlight are the subjects of Inam’s exquisite and atmospheric oil paintings which blend colors and textures to mesmerizing effects.



Born and brought up in South Asia, Inam learned the fundamentals of sketching and paintings at a young age. An influential art teacher ensured that he has given a solid technical and creative grounding, and encouraged him to pursue his outstanding talent. Keen to absorb as much of the world as he could, he traveled and attended three very different art schools in London, Istanbul and Atlanta Georgia. From each of these, he took away something specific, both in terms of inspiration and discipline and they all played an integral role in forming his future style.


Inam now lives in United States. His success has been international (most of his work is sold in Europe) and he has been invited to exhibit his work in cities like Dubai, London, Paris, Miami, Las Vegas, New York and others. He has also fulfilled many prestigious commissions and his work hangs in mansions, boardrooms, and even on yachts all over the world.

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I believe that various shades of color and interactions between different hues produce emotional responses and have the power to heal, to calm, to energize and inspire. I want to share these discoveries with my audience.



Mani's large canvases command the attention of passers-by, reward the focus of new and as well as seasoned collectors and transform a bland static wall into a source of energy. His paintings reflect pure power and attracts to every eye.



Mani is a self-taught, abstract painter from Atlanta, GA. While Mani has been creating art in various forms throughout his life it was not until 2014 he became known to art collectors worldwide. In a very short period of time, and at such a young age, Mani accomplished unheard of achievements for a self-taught and self-representing artist.


Rosa McMurtray

Rosa McMurtray

Rosa McMurtray is an internationally exhibited artist who was born in Spain and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Her innate artistic talent was recognized at a young age.  She initially received her art education at the Zaragoza School of Art, in Spain, and further advanced her artistic studies in Italy, the U.K., and the U.S. 


The artist’s multi-cultural background and frequent travels to Europe each year provided her with a comprehensive and diverse creative vocabulary which culminated in her own unique and sophisticated style of painting. 


McMurtray has received wide acclaim for her fashion focused paintings as well as her most recent series of koi fish in ponds. This new fluid water-based subject provides creative freedom for the artist who paints with oil and acrylic and applies many layers of resin to create texture, depth and reflection. 


Rosa McMurtray has attracted many individual and public collectors worldwide including West Chester University in Pennsylvania and The Gone With The Wind Museum in Georgia where she has exhibited her artwork. She is proficient in the use of marble, wood, paper, fabric, resin and other materials, and enjoys creating commissioned works of art. 

Zahra Bio1.png



Zahra is an award-winning artist whose innate love of color, texture and detail evolved into a unique style of painting. She creates her intensely colorful and heavily textured artworks entirely out of wooden tools she and her husband have crafted themselves. 

Her refined technique has grown and expanded into the vibrant, precise and soul engaging artworks she creates today. Through her art she hopes to connect people with a touch of reality and bring some vibrancy and joy to their lives.

Zahra's love for color and texture are how she "expresses and celebrates the colors of her soul." Through her artwork she explores the world she experiences around her. A lover of travelling, it is the new and beautiful landscapes she explores that become subjects of her art. Zahra also has a great reverence for the seasons, cosmos, mythology and ancient and traditional art that also influences her creations. She believes in the healing influences of color and art.

Chawn Portrait.png

Chawn Murrah

Chawn Murrah

Chawn Murrah was introduced from a young age to the world of art. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Chawn showed an early love for timeless artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso.

Carrying his life passion forward past his youth, Chawn achieved numerous awards from his Atlanta high school for both Art and Drafting. After graduating, Chawn went on to hone his skills in architecture, art and the design industry at DeKalb Technical College and Art school.


This instruction, coupled with an innate sense of aesthetics and beauty, has carried Chawn through to a rewarding path of creating art as a career. Carrying forward the elegant works of past masters, Chawn lends fresh life into a world of beauty with his original interpretations of botanical subjects, human models, and the animal kingdom.


Chawn’s soulful love of art is breathed into each new creation. Reminiscent of the golden age of Post-Impressionism, Chawn seamlessly interweaves natural elements with a contemporary touch. Not tethered to the canvas alone, Chawn has also cultivated his craft into unique furniture pieces. Each brush stroke and piece of wood has passed lovingly through the hands of this amazing Artisan; to create prodigious snapshots of his poetic ingenuity. 


Chawn successfully harmonizes organic elements and colors with neoteric subjects to forge exclusive compositions that are engaging to both the nouveau and connoisseur collector, alike. Chawn is not constrained by the unemotional remnants of past artistic expression, rather, he has embarked on his own journey to (express) visual imagery through the eyes of the natural world.


Chawn has truly found his passion by means of his interpretation through brush, paint and easel. More eloquent than spoken word: his art reveals the intricate design of a cultured and cognizant reality. “The hand lets the mind reveal itself”, and in Chawn’s universe, the hand is indeed the tool of an exquisite mind.



Fariha Portrait.jpg



Fariha has a keen sense of observation and unique ability to bring out the beauty of a face.  Her artistic abilities are dependent on appreciation of human differences and her desire to understand others.  She has a special ability to express and bring light to a face by her play with colors.


Fariha, born and partly raised in Asia – now based in Gulfport, MS, is a portrait artist who over the past 25 years has traveled to 25 countries.  She seeks out indigenous people to capture their soulful faces and cultural adornments through colorful paintings.  Her mission is to preserve and celebrate the world’s diversity through art.  The focus of her paintings is on the eyes that invite us to enter and experience our common humanity.  For she truly believes we are all one people.

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